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quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015

Loved your blue glasses...

Foto de Ansel Edwards
Óculos modificado para cor azul.
Loved your blue glasses, and the way you laughed at me when I was singing. I don't know your name, where you live or what you do. All I know, is that for one precious moment, I was in love with you.

Once a wait in the bus station, now, an appreciation of your eyes. What a beautiful clouded sky could not ever hide, not even under your intrigued curve brows. Your lips bitten by the unknown, are now a matter to be discovered. What are they like when mixed to mine?

I was deep scared the moment you flew to your destiny and it was not the same road I am taking. You stood up, showing all of yourself, lift your right hand up, and the crowded bus of a lonely city took you away from me. This time, I knew that under your blue glasses was a smile that thought of me singing,  before taking up flight to another place, and laughed.

When it rains, later today, think of me, beautiful eyes, I will be singing again...

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  1. Hey Allan, The poems are simple but meaningful. It reflects the emotions of a person perfectly. You are gifted man. Keep it up. hahaha.


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