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quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2015

Humans and Nature...

People and Nature
Humanity is not good and Nature is not evil.
Humans do evil things after they found reason, and run from it without knowing what it means.
We are not good, and do not do good things without getting something in exchange. While we are part of Nature, we try to keep our distance from it. When people act instinctively, we call it a bad act, because we know how to reason and suppress instinct, it is also a bad thing to do.
Once we realize instinct can save and reason can show the way, we will stop trying to do good things and start to just do things for the best.
Humans think they know a lot of things... Poor race.

Every step they take towards knowledge, they are one step further more to go. Because there is no way that in a hundred years we discover it all, and there is no one capable of using all knowledge found in the past to achieve their goals. That's a pitty and I am sorry for human race life span.
Once they figure out that they must do things and work together for all and not for oneself, they will find some way out of evil.
Until then, they know nothing at all...

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Comente. Há um mar de pensamentos e você pode pescar um peixe que ninguém mais conhece. Assim são as palavras no mar do Umikizu!